About Us

    FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!! That’s the best way we can explain it!

    F69K.ME is an adult toy company….a different type of adult toy company. So much so we’ve started a new category..ADULT FUN COMPANY!!

    From our local to Hollywood club events, to our Las Vegas extravaganzas, there is no one like us. The great thing is YOU (YES, you, the one who is reading this) don’t have to be there to be there! We stream our fun live on F69K.ME via U-Stream so it turns into your fun as well!!

    To further enjoy the F69K.ME experience, join our Twitter and Facebook family. FREE GIVEAWAYS, STEAMY OPEN DISCUSSIONS, HOT PICS AND ADVICE FROM OUR OWN MISS CANDY LOVE AWAITS YOU.


    Before you see them, our very dedicated team tests them out…don’t ask on who or how..to insure you will be pleased with your order. We know there are a lot of products on the market but we choose the best in order to keep cumming, cumming, and cumming back..



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